Monday, January 08, 2007

We're number...ONE!

Ok, we didn't win a wild-finish wild-card playoff game against one of the truly EVIL teams in the sporting universe.

We didn't just utterly ANNHILATE the favorite team in the College Bowl Circuit.

But what we did do is establish a number 1 rank of graduate pharmaceutical sciences and medicinal chemistry programs. Here is the link to the new rankings. Pretty sweet.

Now if I can just finish.


I set out with this Blog to write a little bit, more often than not. Now I am finding myself so busy trying to get my project rolling and teach PK to pharmacy students and pass classes and train for Ironman and walk the dog and spend time with my wife and cheer the 'Hawks on that it doesnt seem to happen. I need to sleep less.

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mossygirl said...

Aaaaaaaaa!! Sleep less? You so funny. That's the best part of the day. Well, other than the spending time with wife part (but that includes sleeping) and the spending time with dog part and the training part... ;)