Sunday, June 24, 2007

I am an Ironman.

"Aaron Moss, YOU are an Ironman!"
~The official "voice of Ironman" as I crossed the line.

I did it. Its over. Its 9:45 PM and I am showered and feeling probably as lousy as I can ever remember, but its hard to feel bad because I am so ecstatic. I had to get online and let people who might read this know.

With a total time of 12:44:something, I finished. I finished healthy, almost in tears, and happy. And fucking tired.

I love Ironman volunteers. There should be a special award given, like the Oscars or Emmys, to the best volunteers. Ironman has the best volunteers on the planet, hands down. They made my race possible.

The swim was the hardest hour and a half of my whole life. I have never EVER swam in waves that big---even the ocean. They even gave us the option of skipping the swim and doing a duathlon because it was so bad.

I will write a full race report later.

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Jan said...

You ARE an Ironman, my Boy!! Congrats, and I'm so glad I could be there along the way. I am glad we shared those early morning bike rides in the icky wet, and all those muffins with stuff on them. I am glad we could do it together, and I am glad I could be there to support you. I apologize for being bitchy that week...YOU'RE MY IRONBOY!!!!!!