Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One of THOSE People...

"If you cannot be a poet, be the poem."

~David Carradine

Perhaps you have had this experience:

You do something, something completely "normal," and someone says:

"'re one of THOSE people."

So you say, "One of WHAT people?" Its hard not to feel defensive, right?

To which they reply, "Oh, you know, one of those people who ___________."

What?? Wait a moment. Did I just get criticized for that or was that just the way it sounded? I do believe it is entirely possible that the statement can be a compliment. For example, a girl who is looking for Mr. Right might hear about you making weekend Valentines plans and be really looking for someone to do that for them, and they sound critical but really wish it was THEY who were going to X place for the weekend. But what they actually verbalize is "Oh, you are one of THOSE people who takes their girlfriend/wife/whomever to _____ for the weekend."

In which case, YES, I am.

But it can also be a very tough thing to interpret.

Say you are picking up some things from around a common area at work. Someone sees you busy doing this kind of monotonous task and says:

"Oh you are one of THOSE people who sees something that has to be refilled or cleaned and just go and do it right away..."

To which you reply "Yeeeeeeaaah, and the bad part of that is....?"

Anyway, just an observation. Are YOU one of THOSE people???


melanie said...

thursday, 29 january, 2009 09:00 MAT

i do mathematics. i teach mathematics.

i watch the tv show 'numb3rs'. i watch 'the big bang theory'.

i love mathematics.

yes. i am one of THOSE people.

,` )

Aaron said...

I, too, love mathematics...

...On drugs.