Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursdays are my Friend that Hurts Me.

"A professor is one who talks in someone else's sleep."


I am posting this a day late. Oh well.

Its Thursday. The day that the toll of not only the workouts from Tuesday and Wednesday begin to take effect but the mental toll of the week.The beatings and mental lashings. Thursday is also moving closer to Friday afternoon when I am not going to be in school for 2 and a half days straight. That is my weekly goal.

Not only that, but the recovery day, Monday, seems to mean next to nothing. Really I need a recovery week. But that would not be conducive to Ironman training, would it? Monday might as well be another training day because Tuesday, while I am excited and mostly feel ready for the workouts of a new week, my body is less and less able to get moving as the training wears on. In a few weeks malaise is going to be the word of choice. Its starting to creep into my thoughts, already. Its only the 3rd week.

But (and I know its improper to begin a sentence with "but") even as tired as I get I still look forward to workouts and I still feel "up" when I start going. I look forward to the early mornings on saturdays to get out on the bike and still have time left in the day to play. Or eat and drink. Or sleep. Or all of them. Its true the work is difficult and will only grow more demanding, but I am keenly aware of the rewards and dividends it pays.

I once heard someone say "what's the point of doing this (ironman) if you arent going to win or have a chance to win?" That's a tough question to answer. First, if you are asking that I hope you are not the one doing it because you will never experience the joy that it can bring and do not understand the nature of this sort of challenge. Second, you are a neanderthal driven only by your insecurity and ego and therefore not even worth arguing the point with.

When I cross that line in June, regardless of my time, I will have won.


Jan said...

What's the point of doing anything if you're not going to be number one? Since there's always someone better out there, might as well not do anything.

Better not work if you're not going to be CEO.
Better not drive if you're not going to be Mario Andretti.
Better not play video games if you're not...whoever's the best at that
Or chess if you're not a 6 year old master
Or ping pong if you're not...Chinese....

I don't care if it's Ironman, a sprint traithlon, the walk for the cure, anything. You do it to make a statement to yourself for all the things you CAN do.

I do triathlon to prove to all my demons that I CAN RUN, that I can learn to swim, that I can follow through on something requiring real dedication on my part, that I can force through the mental mind tricks, and teach myself something deeper--confidence that I can make it through other things (like really uncomfortable meetings at work--because they're never as uncomfortable as a 3 mile run when you're fat, tired, and out of shape).

Why do you bother to get out bed in the morning? Someone else is probably better at that than you too...

...and she's probably not even laying next to you when she does it.

Aaron said...