Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another meaningful blog post!

The Bacone: A cone made of bacon filled with scrambled eggs, topped with gravy and a biscuit!!

Ok, this is tailgating food. Whats not to love?


melanie said...

thursday, 30 july, 2009 17:45 MAT

biscuits & gravy. yum ! it is not available in australia. i miss having yummie biscuits & gravy very much !

,` )

S. Moss said...

Wow... takes me back to a rainy morning in Stevensville on the Bitteroot River... perfect old greasy spoon served as a refuge as I tracked the river downstream... screen door flapping in the stiffening breezes... flies on the ceiling... and a piping hot steaming mass of biscuits and gravy on my plate... and the waitress with the hairy legs and even hairier sense of humor...