Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Science of Bathroom Stalls.

“If there is a God, atheism must seem to Him as less of an insult than religion.”

~Edmond de Goncourt

I do not condone vandalism. However, here at the UW, the bathroom stalls have become the "philosopher's media of debate". And you rarely see a blank stall wall anywhere in the health science building. I really do not support it...

But in the name of research, 1 year ago on this day, I started a little, um, debate...

I did it after seeing that the entire bottom of this little bathroom stall wall was crumbling onto the floor in a rusty pile, and therefore will probably be destroyed under its own weight soon or replaced.

You notice in the upper left a few words written in a very dark pen.. "Math is God." I chose this for a lot of reasons, mostly because it is highly inflammatory and guaranteed to start good debate.

I wrote this on December 17th, 2008. The wall was completely blank. Follow the action.

I particularly enjoy the correction to "Math is God's Creation" followed by ""for that" would be an unacceptable construction in the eyes of the lord."

And, perhaps not surprising, it inevitably becomes a contemplation of God's fecal qualities.

But eventually someone decides that a probability algorithm should be created to solve using logic the question of math and God.

Doesn't that just prove my point???

Oh well.


Steve Moss said...

Just proves that wherever one may go he i confronted with THE QUESTION... but, will this argument be joined in say, Wal-Mart? I'd better take my camera.

melanie said...

thursday, 17 december, 2009 14:25 MYT

did you just indict yourself for vandalism ?

,` )