Monday, June 08, 2009

New title for the blog: Training and Complaining

"Sweat silently. Let's have no squawking about a little expenditure of energy."

~Martin H. Fischer

We should all take some time to help those a little less fortunate than us. For instance, whenever possible, after a forest fire, share your water bottle with adorable little critters most of us only read about in books or see on television.


Yesterday I was loading a few things into the car for a trip to Goodwill, which occurred because I am cleaning out the garage in an effort to make room for two vehicles instead of just one. Incidentally that didn't happen. I closed the garage door, walking by the button and giving it a tap, and was walking to my car on the other side as the door is closing(I deftly step over the laser-beam sensor as the door closes--don't try this at home, kids). Lo-and-behold my canine companion Cappie followed suit. I don't know if it was dumb luck or if she knew, also, how to avoid the beam that stops the door from unleashing its squishing powers, but she squirted out into the driveway, obviously pleased with herself, before the door closed. She pranced to the car while I stood in utter disbelief.

I realized that she saw the current situation (I had the garage in such disarray, and was carrying a huge armful of crap) and thought I might be trying to run away, and that she had better get a move-on if she were going to keep an eye on me.

Then she got to go to Goodwill.


My muscles and tired limbs are healing.

One of the very coolest things about training for an Ironman is that, unlike training for shorter races, you get to really taper. You get to, in a controlled fashion, dwindle your training volume down (while maintaining intensity of course) towards the race in an effort to rest and recover and sharpen towards race day.

Tapering for Ironman is great for two reasons (at least for me):
1) I am training much less distance and therefore training takes up a lot less time out of the day, and therefore I have much more time to do useful things--like clean bikes, organize the garage, and vacuum.

2) Since I have been training so damn much until now, I do not feel that overwhelming urge telling me I "should be running" or something. Nope. Nada. No training.

The unfortunate thing is that I am not too good at resting. I may not be training, but I am, as I mentioned, tearing apart the garage. That is not restful (and you would agree if you saw this in action). Therefore I do need to work on resting.

But the no training thing? I have that down.

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